Light, privacy, security: an arched modern entrance


Single with overhead transom

The Objectives

To elevate the charm of a beautiful brick arch, the client approached Deuren with a request for a modern, high-functioning replacement door that worked seamlessly with their curved architecture, creating a real style statement and facilitating natural light flow.

Deuren's Solution

To create a magnificent entryway that facilitated light flow into the client’s home, we installed a Pianura 2 front door in dark grey, with an overhead glazed transom. Available in a range of woods, finishes, colours, and glazing options, this impressively simple design features a large glazed panel parallel to the handle. A contemporary anthracite painted finish was applied, harmoniously complementing the bold brickwork. 

Above the door, we designed an overhead arched glazed transom in Trem Glass that truly elevates the classic feel of this entrance. Forming as both a functional and aesthetic feature, this transom allows light to pass through into the home while maintaining privacy.

Security that doesn’t compromise style is important, and this front door featured robust stainless steel trims, concealed hinges for a minimalist look, and a sleek, high-quality handle

Seeing is believing. Visit our Yorkshire showroom to get inspired for your own bespoke entrance.

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