Transforming rural charm with Deuren’s modern front door.

Door Style



Honey Oak


Single hinged door

The Objectives

Located in rural Yorkshire, this charming stone residence required a replacement front door due to frequent jamming caused by environmental fluctuations throughout the year. Additionally, the door sill required ongoing repairs due to weather damage. The primary objective was to procure a front door that could withstand such environmental changes while also harmonising with the unique character of the house.

Deuren's Solution

Deuren front doors are designed with oak-engineered timber frames that feature double rebated and double-sealed edges. The cores of these doors are made up of layered timber and PU hard foam insulation, which ensures that the heat transfer coefficient is superb. Due to their high specification, these doors are less likely to shrink, expand, or warp, making them an excellent choice for our clients in Yorkshire.

The Tavole front door features an unapologetically irregular linear design, which adds an eye-catching statement to any home’s façade. This design is beautifully complemented by the golden hue and rich tones of the Honey Oak finish, which enhances the character of the stonework. The door is further accentuated by the sculptural LittleJohn handle in satin brass by Philip Watts.

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