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The Objectives

Digital marketing agency The Bigger Boat required a bespoke door so original in its design that it would give visiting clients a hint at the level of creativity they could expect from the company’s services. Its office space, located within a converted mill, is contemporary and artful, while high ceilings and redbrick walls hark back to site’s industrial past. We were briefed to create a non-traditional-looking door that would fit into the office’s established aesthetic and have immediate impact as visitors entered.

Deuren's Solution

We worked collaboratively with The Bigger Boat and played with unconventional ideas to create something truly unique. We were approached before the meeting room walls went up, which gave us much more freedom in design. We settled on an oversized pivot door that quite literally fits into its surroundings. Using advanced routing machinery, we created an irregular door shape that tessellates with the opening. We matched up its tropical hardwood cladding to the office walls, making the entry way almost imperceptible. The door’s pivot mechanism offers a unique alternative to traditional hinges and turns the door into a spectacle that draws attention from all who use it or pass by it.

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