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Hinged internal doors

What is a hinged door?

Hinged internal doors are considered the traditional option for door openings around the home. This configuration features its hinges placed to either the left or right-hand side of the door, dependent on the layout of the room and the homeowner’s preference. Hinged doors offer plenty scope for design-led features. They can be single leaf or double leaf for added impact in larger spaces.

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Why choose a hinged door?

A single leaf hinged door is the ‘standard’ one commonly found in homes. It serves a practical purpose, is great for spaces that sit slightly on the smaller side and can make a lovely design feature depending on the finish you choose. For larger rooms that require smooth functionality and an aesthetic with impact, double leaf hinged doors have the wow factor. This contemporary take on the standard single door is ideal for bigger openings. What’s more, these double doors don’t have to be the same size as one another – they can be asymmetric for a unique finish. Design the door most commonly walked through in a much bigger size and have the other door half its size.

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What are the benefits of a hinged door?

A hinged door can be an ideal choice for any setting within the home because it’s so versatile. The single leaf is a traditional choice and extremely convenient in how it operates – hence why it’s the most popular configuration of internal door. At Deuren, you can move away from the ‘traditional’ aspect and make a real feature of your hinged door by specifying floor-to-ceiling height. We craft doors up to 3000mm in height for remarkable style.

Aside from being an obvious modern design feature, double leaf hinged doors allow you to section off certain spaces and create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Let them form part of a grand entrance or hallway or separate your living area from your kitchen space. And with so many available finishes – including any colour – your doors can harmoniously fit in with existing interior design.

The hinged door can also be specified in an angled head configuration. This type of door is ideal for awkwardly shaped spaces that can double up as storage space – sloping ceilings, eaves and under the stairs, for example. Make the most of difficult spaces with beautiful doors created bespoke for them.

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