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Sliding doors

What is a sliding door?

A sliding door is made up of a panel that slides back and forth along a track, allowing you to divide off spaces.

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How does a sliding door work?

Using rollers, the door panel slides along a set of top-hung horizontal rails that have stoppers at either end.

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Why choose a sliding door?

Sliding doors make a stunning feature in whichever room they’re placed in. Choose a sliding door if you’re looking to replace a hinged door because it’s getting in the way. Sliding doors are great for space saving. They can be specified in a single or double panel configuration depending on available space and personal preference. Choose a single sliding door for smaller areas that require sectioning off – en-suites or pantries, for example. Meanwhile, double sliding doors create a fantastic design feature among open-plan spaces – and while pocket doors disappear into the wall, sliding doors remain on display so you can showcase their beauty.

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What are the benefits of a sliding door?

Sliding doors are a versatile and stylish door choice that allow you to create division in your home without shutting off an area entirely. An obvious benefit is the space-saving solution it offers. With a traditional hinged door, the area surrounding its opening must be kept clear to enable it to swing. However, opting for sliding doors will allow you an additional 10 square feet of floor space. Sliding doors can provide large openings yet require very little space.

Sliding doors bring with them even further opportunity for design features. We can hide an unsightly track and even make a feature of it by creating a matching timber pelmet. 

Sliding doors also allow privacy in open-plan spaces or where a room benefits from being completely concealed at times.

If you’re considering sliding doors, get in touch for inspiration and expert advice. Deuren offers a comprehensive service for your internal doors – from planning to installation. 

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