A kitchen with a full height internal door

Floor-to-ceiling internal doors

What is a floor-to-ceiling door?

Sometimes referred to as ‘full height’ internal doors or ‘ceiling height’, this type of door has huge impact – simply because of its size. True to its name, this style of door can be manufactured to cover the full height of your wall from the floor to the ceiling up to 2900mm. A full height internal door makes use of what some may perceive as wasted space sitting above a traditional door. A floor-to-ceiling door gives the perception of high ceilings and ensures a space feels more expansive.

Why choose a floor-to-ceiling door?

The wall space above an internal door of traditional dimensions doesn’t offer any use. But take your door to ceiling height and make use of that space in this way and you immediately give an impression of a higher ceiling and a grander-feeling space.

Why Deuren is technically superior

Our custom internal doors are made to measure. Our expert craftsmen ensure the highest quality product comes out of our UK factory so that you know they will slot in perfectly at your home. Deuren contemporary internal doors couple ease of use with outstanding design and technical superiority.

Handmade in the UK

Every Deuren door is expertly made, finished and prepped for installation in our Yorkshire-based factory. That means you’ll benefit from tailored customer care, faster turnaround, a premium-quality product and a lower carbon footprint.

A seamless, matching aesthetic

Our bespoke internal doors, frames and architraves are each made from the same batch of timber from the same tree, resulting in a beautifully consistent finish. Plus, you can choose any paint hue for each side of the door to ensure it perfectly matches the room it faces.

High-quality hardware

Our exquisite door handles are self-sprung and made from stainless steel or cast in solid brass and plated to a finish of your choice. A concealed hinge system, with its precise technology, enables the door to sit completely flush and seamlessly complement the room’s design.

Engineered solid timber

A Deuren door’s core is made up of multiple layers of hardwood. This improves the stability and performance of the door and ensures it remains resistant to warping due to changes in its surrounding environment.

Design-to-installation service

Deuren’s comprehensive service begins with initially immersing ourselves in your vision, before constructing the design and surveying measurements. We’ll then manufacture your custom doors and can arrange for mess-free installation at your property.

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What are the benefits of a full-height internal door?

Add dramatic impact

These stunning doors make for a dramatic entranceway that’s bound to be a talking point among visitors. Choose floor-to-ceiling height in any of our configurations for an elegant way to open up spaces or beautifully divide open-plan spaces.

Make use of neglected space

Depending on your choice in configuration (a sliding door, for example), you can instantly facilitate the flow of natural light from another room or outside. Making use of the additional wall space atop a traditional door, when it’s open, this instantly allows light to move more freely between rooms.

Sleek, clean lines

Oversized internal doors provide a sleek aesthetic that simply cannot be matched. These stunning doors command attention in any interior setting.