02 Sep 2018 - Internal Doors

2017 Home decor trends

With 2017 edging towards us; now is the time to start thinking about next year’s biggest interior trends. The latest trends combined with Deuren’s contemporary internal doors will ensure that your pad is stylish and contemporary, which will leave lasting impressions on anyone who visits. We’ve compiled a list of recommendations for you, so that your house will be up to date, on trend and ready to impress.


Cork (yes, cork!) is one of the main contenders for 2017. This material provides texture and adds an extra dimension to a room. Cork would make an ideal office wall, as it can also be used to pin up important reminders and messages! It also makes a contemporary and unique option for tables and seating.

1970’s Revival

Geometric patterns are back! Whether you just add a touch with geometric bedding, or you go bold and daring with some funky geometric wallpaper, the choice is yours.

Cosy Bathrooms

Bathrooms are now becoming an integral part of people’s homes with them being seen as less simply functional and more as a living space. Trends now include feature walls, chandeliers, comfortable seating and soft furnishings.

Formal Dining Rooms

Open plan living spaces are taking a back seat for now, with formal dining rooms coming back in full force. Modern homeowners are now returning to favour more private home layouts and reduce the amount of technology in these family rooms.


Terracotta is one to watch over the coming months with it making a striking comeback from the 1980’s. Using terracotta tiles with a matte and rustic finish brings character and warmth to your interior. Terracotta tiles can be used just about anywhere in the home rather than just being restricted to the floors, and could even be used to create a distinctive feature wall.

Contemporary Doors

Doors can provide a statement piece to your home or they can match your chosen décor. Either way, Deuren doors can really add a modern touch to your home. With limitless hand-crafted bespoke internal door designs, there’s guaranteed to be one that’s right for you! If you’re struggling, one of our experts can help you choose your perfect match. One of our favourites is the Contemporary Walnut Internal Door.

To take one of the first steps in creating a beautiful contemporary home, why not start with the doors? Download a brochure or visit our workshop to browse our custom-made modern doors.

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