20 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors

6 Reasons why internal door sets are the right choice for your project

Cost, size and material are factors at the forefront of any self-builder’s mind in their decision-making. But when it comes to internal doors – which can be a design feature in their own right – there’s plenty more to consider.

If you’re building your own home, consider your choice in doors as early in the design stage as possible to allow for any building works needed for the structural openings. At Deuren, we only sell door sets, which consist of a made-to-measure, pre-assembled door leaf, frame, architraves and ironmongery. Door sets offer unrivalled accuracy, eliminate any room for mistakes and provide a superb quality finish. Here, we consider why door sets make a great choice for your build.

Door sets are completely bespoke

If you have specific ideas in terms of design for your home, pre-hung internal door sets can make for a stunning addition and are produced to match your requirements in their entirety. Whether you require your door for space-saving purposes, to make use of awkwardly shaped spaces or simply to provide a unique focal point, door sets are made to measure and are exclusive to your design. Deuren door sets can be made up to 3000mm in height for real impact.

Invisible fixings allow for a clean look

Hinges, screws and other unsightly fixings are an integral part of a door’s mechanism. However, our door sets ensure these practical fixings are instead made unique features of so design and quality can take centre stage. Invisible fixings hold the frame and architraves in place so there are no nails or screws in sight. A completely concealed hinge system allows the door to be flush mounted – all metalwork disappears from view when the door is closed. Plus, a magnetic latch system removes the need for the unattractive strike plates that feature on standard doors. This minimalist style can beautifully complement innovative architectural concepts and contemporary interior design.

Get the perfect match

When opting for a Deuren door set, you’ll have peace of mind that the veneer is finished in timber from the same tree. That means the door’s component parts will match completely where grain and colour are concerned – and it’s the finer details like these that make all the difference in the finished piece.

Labour takes place offsite

We’ll always conduct a site visit to ensure we’ve got the right measurements for a door set but the work that goes into its build is all carried out in a factory-controlled environment. Because of this, you can be confident of a fuss-free, more efficient installation at your home – each door arrives made to suit each opening perfectly.

Trust in a more impressive overall look

A door set appears a lot bigger and is more striking than a standard internal door. Whichever configuration is best suited to your space, you can be confident in a door set that creates a real focal point in your dream home.

Achieve the finest-quality finish

When you choose a door set, every single part of the process – from early concept to installation – can be taken care of by us. We take a thorough and detailed approach to every one of our projects to ensure overall design consistency and the finest-quality finish.

Want to know more about how door sets can benefit your build? Visit our factory to see their unrivalled quality for yourself.

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