16 Mar 2021 - Company News

About the name Deuren

Many people may know our name and simply associate it with our pre-hung door sets, but may not know where the name Deuren originates from. Deuren means ‘doors’ in Dutch, and we’re all about doors! Those who have had the pleasure of visiting The Netherlands will know just how stunning their buildings are. With their architecture concerned with everyday events and born out of domestic life, who better to take our name from than the Dutch?

These values are what we strive for here at Deuren, with our contemporary internal doors offering unrivalled convenience when it comes to installation – our installers can simply slot your pre-manufactured door set into the wall opening, with no need to perform any joinery on the door lining, stop beads, architraves, handles, latches and hinges. Our internal door sets are the perfect way to bring either a traditional or contemporary design to your home with total ease.

With the most densely populated country in the world, the Dutch certainly have to get creative with their buildings. We like to think that here at Deuren we also get creative, bringing you contemporary internal doors that are completely unique to you, giving visitors to your home something to talk about. We try to make sure we make the best use of the available space, and we’ll even come out to visit you beforehand to get the correct measurements and advise you on what we think would be best for you.

Wood is a popular material with which to build within The Netherlands, and when making our fantastic range of internal door sets we use only the highest quality wood, handcrafted by designers. The Europeans are also renowned for using pre-hung door sets in their homes, and the word Deuren really is a perfect fit!

With Deuren you know that you will receive fantastic quality and precision when ordering your internal doors, with stunning designs which will grab the attention of visitors to your property.

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