10 Mar 2023 - Internal Doors, Front Doors, Garage Doors

Caring for your Deuren door

The winter months bring cosiness, Christmas, and lots of time enjoying all the comfort our homes can offer. But with all that seasonal loveliness often comes clutter, disorganisation, and sometimes, a little wear and tear.

Now, with daffodils making an appearance and the weather warming up, spring cleaning can help our homes feel organised, refreshed, and cleansed. Here, we outline exactly how to care for your Deuren doors so that they always look as breathtaking as they deserve.

How do I maintain my external doors?

Exposure to UV light and different types of weather comes with the territory of being an external door, but Deuren doors are manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure they withstand harsh conditions. Even so, the external surface of your front and garage doors will usually need periodic maintenance. How often you tend to them depends on the nature of the weather and UV light they’re exposed to.

Maintenance is usually as simple as wiping down with a damp cloth, or for timber-finished doors, lightly sanding and reapplying water-based lacquer with a brush or roller. All of these products are available from us on request. Your garage door’s mechanism will also need lubricating occasionally to ensure slick movement that’s as sophisticated as it is functional.

How do I maintain my internal doors?

If necessary, timber-finished doors can be re-lacquered with a water-based lacquer, which is available from Deuren on request. Finally, the hinges are adjustable in three dimensions, allowing for any fine-tuning needed during building settlement, or to address slight shifting over time.

Usually, a damp cloth is all you need to clean our internal doors. However, if your doors include (or are surrounded by) glazed panels, you’ll need to spray those occasionally with a glass cleaning spray, before buffing the product away with a microfibre cloth. 

Stainless steel handles can be kept looking their best by wiping them down with a cloth or sponge dampened with washing-up liquid, then polishing with a soft cloth. Take care to avoid using abrasive materials on stainless steel - harsher cleaning can scratch the metal, dulling its shine.

How do I care for timber-finished doors?

If your door is timber-finished, maintenance is as simple as a light sanding and lacquer. For this, our Deuren Care Kit is your ideal partner. The kit contains a cleaning spray - perfect for removing grime, dust and spills on the surface of the door panel, frame, or architrave. Simply spray it on the door before wiping it away with one of our fine, reusable care cloths.

To maintain timber’s stunning grain and finish, our kit also includes a care cream. Once or twice a year, simply apply a small amount to the cloth provided, then rub over the door in a circular motion. The cream has a water-repellant effect and offers protection against dirt, minimising future door maintenance.

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If your door is timber-finished, the Deuren Care Kit contains all you need to ensure your garage door always looks brand new - get in touch to order yours today.

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