16 Jun 2020 - Internal Doors

Choosing the best interior doors for your home

Choosing the best interior doors for your home isn’t always a quick decision – and there’s actually more to think about than most people may realise. You need to be confident your chosen doors provide a practical solution that not only maximises the space available but that they add real statement style too. And that boils down to a number of considerations to ensure your chosen interior doors fit seamlessly with your existing interior design.

Here, we take a look at the main things to consider if you’re looking to change your interior doors.


No two people’s style and preferences are ever the same – that’s why the ‘best’ interior doors will vary according to factors like surroundings, design requirements and the space available. The configuration of your doors should be one of the first points for consideration. This is especially true if you’re embarking on a self build or major renovation of your home, as some configurations of internal doors have to be planned in during the design stage of a project. Pocket doors, for example, are a wonderfully unique way to partition rooms and save on space but because walls are constructed to accommodate them, they should be specified at the beginning of a house build. A pocket door glides into an opening in the adjacent wall until it’s completely out of view. Sliding doors are a similar feature and although they don’t disappear into the wall, they do have great space-saving qualities. Bi-fold doors can make a unique feature too and work perfectly in otherwise open-plan spaces. These hinged panels run on a track and fold up against a wall to result in a fantastic ‘broken-plan’ area. Alternatively, hinged doors can make a great design feature – opt for a double leaf for real impact in large spaces. Floor-to-ceiling doors are the epitome of statement style.

Style and materials

Configuration chosen, it’s time to make some decisions on the finer details. The best interior doors strike the right balance of form and function. The overall look and finish of your doors should complement their surroundings and draw on the detail found in the existing interior design. Walnut remains a hugely popular choice in material thanks to its versatility, strength and ability to beautifully blend into all style of property, traditional or modern. Plus, the options for colour are endless – browse Deuren’s offering of Farrow & Ball paint hues to add character to your doors.

Glass doors, or those with glazed panels, are also a popular choice for homeowners. Aside from making a stunning feature of a functional product, glass doors work wonders for spaces that aren’t rich in natural light – they make a stunning addition.

Your choice in interior doors will depend upon factors like your existing decor and wall structure and which styles will complement that, as well as the amount of space you have to play with and whether you’re about statement style or more practical options.

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