18 Mar 2021 - Company News

Deuren on Building the Dream

We are proud to announce that our garage, front and internal doors were featured on Channel’s 4’s ‘Building the Dream’ programme last night! You can catch it on More4 to see how our doors can complete the look of a dream home or read on to find out what was shown.

On the programme, the architect talked about how the Silvelox high-security front door had 6 locks; none of which required a key but instead made use of a pin code so that he could feel perfectly safe but without compromising on style.

Walnut Vario 4 doors were featured internally throughout; lending consistency to the overall aesthetic. The rich wood gave a cosy feel whilst the geometric style of the wood added bold interest; making the doors a feature all of their own.

Trem Glass Walnut Double doors were used to separate the kitchen from the dining room as the glass panels allowed the space to feel more open plan whilst the rooms remained as separate entities. The walnut frames were consistent with the Vario 4 Walnut doors featured throughout the rest of the home, which again contributed to the consistent aesthetics throughout the home

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