18 Jul 2018 - Company News

How to choose the perfect door for your project

It can be difficult to know where to start when picking out doors to complement your renovation project. Your choices should not only provide a practical solution but also have real impact within the home and sit nicely alongside all your other interior design elements. There’s plenty to consider, but at what stage in the process should you be making these decisions?

Sizing and configuration

Think about the sizing and configuration of your doors early on in the design process – as early as when the architectural plans are being drawn up. You’ll need to consider certain requirements before the walls go up. For example, pocket sliding doors will need a different type of opening to those with standard hinges. Planning the design of your doors in this way will ensure openings are perfectly sized and you won’t need to factor in corrective alterations when it’s time to fit them.

The finish

It’s wise to consider the finish of the doors alongside the rest of your interior design. It’s only to be expected that ideas will develop and change throughout the planning and building process, so factoring in the aesthetics at the start allows the time for that. If it better suits your project to choose doors near to its end, of course that’s fine too – just be aware that there will be limitations if you’re taking this approach.

From sizing and configuration to materials and design, there’s a lot to take into consideration when choosing the perfect doors. If you’re stuck for inspiration, need expert advice or simply want to run any ideas by us, get in touch today.

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