03 Nov 2023 - Front Doors

Mechanical drop seal: Meticulous engineering for superior functionality.

Deuren's doors are more than just functional objects that separate rooms. They are the result of a passionate pursuit of perfection, a marriage between engineering and design. Every door is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, with the goal of creating a comfortable, energy-efficient, and luxurious environment. 

In using the highest quality components such as the Planet X3 mechanical drop seal, the functionality of a Deuren entrance door further enhances any space, making it a joy to live in.

What is a mechanical drop Seal?

The Planet X3 mechanical drop seal is not just any ordinary draft excluder. It is a remarkable piece of technology that operates mechanically and is designed to be far superior to regular draft excluders. With its lightweight and anti-corrosive aluminium construction and high-quality silicone lip, this seal is extremely durable. Installed at the bottom of an entrance door leaf, it has the power to significantly reduce drafts and improve insulation. The drop seal is automatically activated when it comes into contact with the door frame, creating an airtight seal that keeps drafts out.


The Planet X3 drop seal has an impressive ift certification of 7A/9A that goes beyond the expected. It keeps out driving rain without the need for a drainage channel, creating a flush seal with its three adjustable and simultaneous sealing movements. The outstanding fit of this product can absorb sound up to 52 dB, while also acting as a smoke shielding barrier. It is versatile, practical, and reliable, inspiring confidence in any setting, making it the perfect choice for Deuren, and your needs.

Regulation Compliant

The Planet X3 drop seal empowers individuals with mobility difficulties to effortlessly cross a threshold and experience a newfound sense of independence and freedom. Paired with an ultra-low height threshold, compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations 2010, this innovative solution provides a smooth and seamless transition, enabling individuals to overcome barriers with ease.


Using premium components such as the Planet X3 mechanical drop seal brings into focus the level of detail and quality control in a Deuren door. Experience our exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and service first-hand by visiting our Yorkshire showroom.


NOTE: ift - Institute for Testing and Certification of Construction Products, Safety Technology and Protective Equipment.

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