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September 1, 2018

Single And Double Hinged Doors

  Our internal doors come in a number of different configurations to help give you the flexibility you need. The single hinged door is the most commonly used internal door configuration worldwide. Here at Deuren, we offer both single and double-hinged doors in full height floor-to-ceiling options for added drama. Our single hinged doors can be hinged on the left or right, allowing you to decide which fits in best with your room. We also offer double hinged leaf doors, which work side by side on a door opening. The history of the hinge dates so far back that archaeologists are unsure as to its exact origin, but there are metal hinges from periods dating back 5,500 years. Many of the early hinges were made from bronze, and only the very rich and powerful could afford to fabricate and purchase hinged doors. However, during the Medieval period, more common people began using hinged doors in their houses as local blacksmiths could create affordable hinges from wrought iron. In the Victorian era, complex hinges could be manufactured faster and at a fraction of the cost of their predecessors, so hinged doors became commonplace for all. The 20th century has seen further developments in hinge technology. Deuren hinges ensure smooth functionality and don’t compromise on aesthetics. When the door is closed, Deuren hinges are hidden so as not to detract from the overall look, and they are 3D routed for a perfect fit.