18 Sep 2018 - Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors - why buy one?

A unique alternative to the traditional garage door is the sliding garage door; an option suited to those who wish for an elegant look for their garage, combined with smooth functionality. With many materials to choose from including aluminium and timber, sliding doors can be adapted easily to anyone’s home. Sliding garage doors allow plenty more room for overhead storage space because they are usually externally installed, meaning that there’s no need for unsightly tracks on the garage ceiling. As sliding garage doors remain adjacent to the wall, they never protrude onto the driveway, meaning that it is possible to park cars as close to the garage as you want, while still being able to open and close the garage doors with ease. Insulated panels come with Deuren’s sliding doors, which is particularly useful if your garage is conjoined with your house. Insulated panels make it difficult for heat to escape, therefore keeping your home snug and warm. Heating costs will be minimised, meaning that you’ll be saving money and the environment. The insulated panels also keep noise levels low, which is ideal for those living on a busy street or in a noisy neighbourhood. The advantages of sliding garages doors are endless. Whether you’re looking for security, style or insulation, Deuren’s garage doors tick all the boxes. For more information, please get in touch info@deuren.co.uk

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