18 Mar 2021 - Internal Doors

Style, design and configuration: A buyer's guide to internal doors

Long gone are the days when internal doors were simply a functional product. Choose wisely and pay particular attention to styling, positioning and configuration and they can become a striking focal point in any room and even add value to your property. Of course, it’s entirely down to personal taste but with so much to think about it can be hard to know where to start. Here, we’ve compiled a handy guide that covers every aspect of what should be considered when choosing your internal doors.

The type of door you go for will take into account your own personal tastes, surrounding interior design elements and the space in which it’s being fitted. During the early design and planning phase of a renovation or build, consider your likes and dislikes and your own personal style. Do your research and look to sites like Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. Get a feel for which colours, styles and trends you like and consider how you can apply these to the space you’re working with. You’ll also need to think more specifically about door size and configuration. Take into account the main function the door will undertake – is it a space-saving solution, needed to ensure privacy or serving to control atmosphere, for example? If you have a large space to work with, you might opt for the iconic-looking floor-to-ceiling double hinged leaf doors for dramatic effect. Alternatively, you might like to create temporary division with stunning sliding or pocket doors that can be open or closed whenever the mood suits. For unusually shaped spaces that are tight on space, angled-head doors may be an option – and provide a unique feature too.

Style and materials 

The look and finish of your chosen door should fit well within the overall feel of the room and provide a consistent aesthetic that draws attention for all the right reasons. You wouldn’t, for example, choose traditionally panelled Victorian or Georgian doors for a house that’s overtly contemporary in every way – or vice versa. The style of your internal door should take care to beautifully complement existing (or future plans for) interior design and furnishings.

Attention to detail, however small, is vital. Opt for the right wood and you can add that luxurious feel to any room. Natural oak remains a hugely popular choice for internal doors thanks to its aesthetic value. Whether the room is traditional or contemporary in style, oak is a versatile grain of wood that not only elevates the overall look but its unrivalled quality ensures longevity too.

Think about paint colour – the right hue on an internal door can completely change the look of the room. For a neutral finish, grey is contemporary and on trend but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get experimental with your door colour. Moody blues, charming corals and sunny yellows make for an interesting pop of colour in most schemes.

Consider as well here whether glazing could take the look and feel of the room to another dimension. If you want to allow natural light in, create a more harmonious flow between rooms or simply add an extra design feature, glazed panels can be extremely effective without compromising warmth.

Fixtures and fittings

Often overlooked or an afterthought, the hardware used for fitting an internal door can actually prove to be just as much of a feature as the door itself. Choose a handle that suits the design and style of the door and bear in mind which side the hinges are required. At Deuren, we prioritise innovative features as standard when it comes to the fixtures and fittings. That includes hidden hinges, factory routed latch keeps and magnetic door catches. We ensure each and every aspect of your internal door is flawless by creating pre-hung internal door sets. This is a process which sees us design and manufacture the frame, leaf and architraves before constructing the whole set in our factory. After testing, we will confidently supply you with a product that will fit right in to your project and function perfectly.

If you’re about to make changes in your home and choosing internal doors is part of that renovation, think carefully about every aspect of the process. The right choice in doors can make the most of a space, add an interesting design feature and complement the house’s existing elements.

Visit our Pinterest page for internal door inspiration or contact us for design tips and to find out more about Deuren bespoke internal door sets.

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