11 Aug 2021 - Front Doors, Company News

We’re manufacturing our own front doors

We pride ourselves on producing the most exquisite and artistic bespoke products for our customers, ensuring each and every aspect of their vision is realised to perfection. In order to achieve this, we manufacture our doors in our Yorkshire-based factory, where we can control production down to the finest details. However, sometimes we need to acquire small components from trusted companies outside the UK to truly bring a client’s dream to life. But that’s about to change. We’re introducing an exclusive range of 100% Made-in-Britain front doors. Here, we outline the benefits of choosing Made-in-Britain products and what it could mean for your next project.

Why choose Made-in-Britain products?

Since Brexit, a greater emphasis has been placed on supporting businesses close to home. With the Made-in-Britain mark, clients are able to enjoy a host of benefits they otherwise would be unable to.

Shorter supply chain and faster turnaround

With less distance to travel, UK-made products can be manufactured and delivered in a much shorter space of time, reducing the risk of delays, production issues and missed deadlines. Lower shipping costs and time spent in transit also allow orders to be confirmed and completed at a much greater pace.

Communication and quality

A shorter supply chain also means less chance of damage in transit, increasing the general quality of Made-in-Britain products. You can also enjoy greater levels of communication as conversations and meetings regarding design and production status become much easier. Customers seeking unique or bespoke products can also experience better control over their project, improving their satisfaction levels upon delivery. In additional to this, with Deuren’s achievement of the ISO 9001 standard, you can be sure that your project and expectations are at the forefront of everything we do.

Environmentally friendly

By dramatically reducing mileage and fuel use, Made-in-Britain products are much more inline with the modern notion of sustainability. It also removes the issue of using overseas manufacturers that may not have the same environmental considerations regarding air pollution and recycling. As a result, keeping work in the UK drastically lowers a business’ carbon footprint.

To learn more about Deuren’s dedication to producing luxury Made-in-Britain doors, visit our UK manufacturing page today.

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