28 Sep 2018 - Internal Doors

What is the difference between internal pocket and sliding doors?

While a pocket door slides into a hidden compartment or recess within the adjacent wall, a sliding door, although similar in its mechanism, doesn’t. A sliding door glides parallel to the interior wall.

Here, we take a look at other key differences between the two doors and consider their benefits and where they might be best placed.

Why choose a pocket or sliding door?

These configurations are often chosen for statement style – the nature of their design makes them an ideal focal point for any room. At one time, pocket doors were particularly popular in Victorian homes but took a momentary step out of the spotlight as architectural tastes changed. In more recent times, pocket doors have seen a resurgence in popularity – especially in rooms where space needs to be utilised well. Bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and utility rooms, for example, can benefit from this effective, space-saving solution. A pocket door can also be a unique room divider in open-plan areas. The popularity of pocket doors has also increased as a result of their distinctive aesthetic charm. It can become a focal point in their own right. Using a strong colour or design on a pocket door can be a smart way to add character to a room, which can easily be hidden away in the wall to achieve a softer, more neutral look when desired. 

Sliding doors – whether single or double leaf configuration – also make a fantastic design feature in open-plan spaces. They remain on display when open and offer the same space-saving qualities as a pocket door – you’ll gain an additional 10 square feet of floor space than with a traditional hinged door.

Installation considerations

Pocket doors should be specified as early as the design stages of a house build, as the encasing wall is constructed for it. While it’s not impossible to fit a pocket door in an existing home, it can be a more complicated installation. For example, issues may arise concerning wiring and electrics and pipework, and loadbearing walls will require all the routine preparation work and safety measures while work is ongoing.

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