10 Feb 2023 - Garage Doors

Why choose a made-to-measure garage door?

Made-to-measure garage doors are unique by their very nature - perfectly tailored to seamlessly suit both your home and personality. Whether you’re navigating a challenging space or are looking to give your property value a boost, our made-to-measure garage doors are designed specifically for your home to achieve a flawless fit.

Here, we delve into more reasons to choose a made-to-measure garage door, with real Deuren case studies to inspire your own project.

What Deuren made-to-measure garage doors can do:

Ensure optimum security and functionality

Deuren garage doors are the embodiment of high security, flawless function, and impeccable style, especially when they’re made to measure. By designing and manufacturing a garage door for your unique space and specifications, security and performance are optimised.

Reliable motors and mechanisms ensure the smoothest of movements, while innovative features (including pedestrian doors and trackless opening) elevate function to unrivalled heights. Mostly using aluminium and stainless-steel components, every facet of our made-to-measure garage doors is deliberately designed to the highest specifications, including long-lasting tracks, rails, and roller bearings to provide smooth and graceful operation. In fact, our garage doors have been tested to provide 50,000 cycles throughout their lives, towering above the industry average of 15,000.

We believe form and function should come together in perfect harmony, and that’s exactly what our made-to-measure garage doors achieve - as demonstrated by this show-stopping exterior. Here, the Pianura-style front door and matching garage door feature premium security measures (including ceramic fingerprint recognition), offering a sleek and sophisticated sanctuary.

Seamlessly fit any space

From navigating and making the most of unconventional spaces, to realising unique design visions, made-to-measure garage doors are the most stunning solution. A significant benefit of a bespoke, made-to-measure garage door is you’re unrestricted in design, style, shape, and size, offering limitless scope for creativity. Our overhead sectional garage doors are available between 6m high and 4m wide, while our side sectional garage doors go as far as 14m wide and 4m high.

This extensive renovation was blessed with enough space to allow for side lateral windows surrounding the front door, welcoming in natural light. To emphasise this sense of space, we handcrafted a matching made-to-measure garage door to seamlessly fit the home and complement the property’s breathtaking woodland surroundings.

Add value to the property

Whether you're drawn to wooden garage doors or prefer a concrete effect, we can manufacture identically designed front doors. This allows you to achieve flawless aesthetic continuity, start conversations among visitors or guests, and increase the value and curb appeal of your home.

This connected style was something the owners of this home had worked hard to maximise, and we worked closely with them to enhance their property’s curb appeal even further. By recommending a made-to-measure garage and front door from the Versare collection, the owners succeeded in enhancing the whole personality of the house, leaving a lasting first impression on all visitors.

Make the first step to your made-to-measure garage door

A made-to-measure garage door that has been specifically designed for your home - taking into account its period, style, space, and quirks, is always going to bring more value - practically, aesthetically, and financially - than a ready-made, off-the shelf alternative. 

From designing your garage door and surveying measurements to manufacturing and installing, we take care of the entire process. Send us your ideas and designs, or visit our showroom to get expert advice on attaining your perfect made-to-measure garage door.

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