16 Mar 2021 - Internal Doors

Why choose full-height doors?

For larger spaces, rooms with high ceilings or where you’re simply hoping to create a striking focal point, full-height doors make a stunning choice.

The old adage tells us ‘bigger is better’ and while we don’t always agree that’s the case in self-building and interior design, there’s certainly been a move toward spacious, multi-purpose environments. Thanks to continuously changing lifestyles, designers are placing increasing emphasis on open-plan living and beautiful architectural quirks to accentuate it – and that’s where full-height doors come in.

Full-height doors (sometimes referred to as floor-to-ceiling doors) provide a grandiose feature and span the whole height of the room. Here, we provide a quick rundown of why these oversized internal doors are the go-to product for impressive and unique design.

Go for the dramatic

Floor-to-ceiling doors create a dramatic entranceway with a contemporary feel that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on visitors. A generously sized door allows plenty more scope to focus on the extraordinary details of it – the stunning grain of the wood, the bespoke configuration or the calming colour, for example. Full-height doors and taller passageways are an effective way to ensure spaces feel taller and more expansive.

Maximise space for effect

Specify floor to ceiling sliding doors for a clever and elegant way of dividing an open-plan space. They provide the perfect fuss-free way to switch to open plan and back to suit your living arrangements and preferences. What’s more, this door configuration offers an average 10 square feet extra floor space that hinged doors so smaller spaces can benefit too.

Let the light in

The space above a standard door is often neglected with no real use. Install a full-height door and you’ll instantly facilitate the flow of light from another room or outside. Allow the light to move more freely between rooms – and in greater amounts too. The beauty of bespoke in made to measure doors is that you can tailor them entirely to your preferences and the room’s requirement.

Deuren handcrafts full-height doors in a number of configurations to suit the needs of your home. Need more inspiration? Get in touch for expert advice on how floor-to-ceiling doors can enhance your interior design and add that touch of grandeur. 

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