21 Sep 2018 - Garage Doors

Why do garage doors matter?

Garage doors are the focal point of a home exterior, which is why it’s important to have one that will leave a lasting impression (for the right reasons!) on any visitors. Exteriors are often deemed unimportant in comparison to the inner rooms. However, you may want to reconsider this, as a garage door has many unexpected and surprising advantages.

Investing in a new garage door will massively increase your curb appeal, which in itself can reap the benefits, such as increasing your house price value and making the property more aesthetically pleasing in itself. Nationwide has estimated that adding a garage to your property can add as much as 11% to the value of your land, therefore having a garage for extra space will not only benefit you now but also has strong advantages in the future.

If your garage is conjoined to your house, then making sure your garage is well insulated is essential. Doing so can keep your house significantly warmer, making it snug and warm during the harsh winter months. This is also an efficient and eco-friendly way of saving money, as heating costs will be kept to a minimum.

Having a garage can also entice potential future customers to purchase your house, as it gives the option for them to park their car in there rather than on the road. This is an appealing choice for many, as it means that their car will be protected and secure.

However, not all garages are used for storing items; a popular option is also to create additional rooms to the house, such as a playroom, office or a gym. Adding an extra room to your well-equipped home will also increase the house price significantly and can be a fun add-on for any home.

A contemporary garage door can really add style and elegance to your house and create positive initial thoughts on the building, therefore it’s a must-have addition to your house. Check out our range of beautiful bespoke garage doors to add to your dream home

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