12 Apr 2023 - Front Doors, Garage Doors

How to choose the best front doors for security

The threat of burglary provides bleak food for thought. The likelihood you’ll be a victim of domestic theft is slim, but it’s a real threat all the same. That’s why it makes complete sense to take the right measures to protect your home against would-be intruders. 

Improving your home’s security should be a top priority, and it usually starts with your front door. Securing the first point of entry to your home will not only deter break-in attempts, it will bring you peace of mind. 

Here, we discuss some key considerations for choosing the best front doors for security.

UK and European security standards

The entryway is usually the first port of call in a burglar’s inspection of your house – so the highest levels of front door security are extremely important. As picking locks is time-consuming, burglars are more likely to use brute force to break the door in, making a strong door panel and frame crucial.

The best front doors for security are fully compliant to the PAS24 enhanced security standard, which assesses whether a door set can withstand various measured manual and mechanical tests. What’s more, PAS24 is recognised by Secured by Design – a police initiative that improves the security of buildings and their surroundings. 

Deuren front doors are built to the European equivalent of this standard – known as ENV 1627 – and designed to protect against forced entry using heavy hand or electric tools. They adhere to classification RC2 and RC3 – the higher the numerical rating, the higher the security – and they’re measured in tests according to the resistance time of the door when various tools are used to attempt a break-in. Many doors claim to have an RC2 or RC3 lock, but with Deuren, the whole door – panel, frame and lock – is tested to the classification.

Sturdy, durable materials

The strength of a door is largely determined by the material it’s made from, so choosing the right material is paramount. Whatever the material, each of our front doors meet the same high standard of security. Our front doors are created with a range of sturdy, durable materials. For example, our engineered timber includes natural oak, mahogany, and walnut - all known for their hardiness. With pressurised designs, our doors uphold the strength of solid wood while offering an unrivalled aesthetic.

Modern technology and integrated systems

If a burglar has the skill and time to pick the lock, or worse yet - manages to get a key, a door’s material becomes somewhat irrelevant. This is where intelligent modern technologies can really help.

The best front doors for security incorporate keyless locking systems, such as fingerprint recognition software, which enables you to unlock your door with the unique indentations of your finger. We have the ability to fit such security systems with any of our bespoke entrance doors, marrying flawless design with advanced technology

Locks are motorised, so they’ll unlock and lock behind you, and can be overridden with a master key (in the case of an alarm going off, for example). These contemporary and sophisticated alternatives provide easy, convenient access to you while maintaining the highest levels of security

Garage security

The strength of your garage door – and the protection it offers – is treated in much the same way as your front door. Like the front door, a Deuren garage door is covered according to ENV 1627 certification and tested to RC2 or RC3 levels.

Although useful, integral garages are considered as much a weak point as front doors where potential burglary is concerned, offering access to the rest of the house. That’s why there’s just as much need to specify high levels of security when buying a garage door. Many of our technically superior garage doors weigh up to 60 kgs per square metre, so they’re extremely strong and less likely to be manipulated with brute force.

When it comes to front door security, the objective of the panel and frame (if not to stop the intruder altogether) is to simply buy more time. The best front doors for security will stand tough and firm - acting as a barrier to the would-be burglar while allowing enough time to sound an alarm or activate another measure to deter them. 

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