09 Mar 2023 - Internal Doors

Pivot doors: why choose one?

In recent years, working from home or hybrid working has become the norm for many people, creating a shift towards versatile spaces and open plan living. With more time spent in our homes, architectural quirks and beautiful focal points have become increasingly sought after. A bespoke internal pivot door provides a stunning, visually striking solution to these desires.

What is a pivot door?

As opposed to being hinged at the side, a pivot door rotates on a pivotal system. It has two pivot points (one at the top, one at the bottom) which stabilise the door, allowing it to swivel on an axis. As a made-to-measure internal door configuration, where the pivot points are placed is entirely down to personal choice.

Why choose a pivot door?

Dramatic yet practical, pivot doors are a standout choice that boast many benefits.

Striking visual impression

It goes without saying that a pivot door simply commands attention. Whether installed as an internal entranceway into the heart of the home or used as a room divider, an interior pivot door is sure to make a unique design statement that leaves a lasting impression on all who see it.

Often generously sized, a bespoke internal pivot door allows plenty more scope to focus on its extraordinary details – the stunning grain of the wood, the light-catching glazing, or the dramatic colour. From Scandi-style Natural Oak, to dark and dramatic Black Ash, the wood grain you choose can be an artwork in itself. If you choose to have the wood painted, we can match any colour of most paint brands, including Pantone, RAL, and the delectable palette of Farrow & Ball. 

Finally, as a design element that has a huge impact on the final aesthetic, high-performance hardware is not to be overlooked. Whether you’d prefer a sleek, minimalist door handle for a contemporary look, or a vertical bar handle running the entire length of the door, our extensive range of hardware has it all.

Ease of access

Owing to their wide opening, pivot doors make most practical entryways. This door configuration is available up to 3m x 3m in size (and up to 400 kg in weight), creating a wide and generous opening that facilitates ease of access for mobility aids and equipment. The beauty of bespoke made-to-measure internal doors is they can be tailored to your precise preferences and room requirements. What’s more, pivot doors make for an efficient space-saving solution as the door leaf reaches into both rooms.

Practical solution

Pivot doors are self-closing and can be kept shut, sealing off rooms and spaces to create a cosy atmosphere. This also makes them ideal for reducing heating and energy costs. However, the opposite is also true – the door can easily hold itself open in any position (without the need for an unsightly door stop), revealing an expansive, welcoming space when fully open. Keeping a pivot door open also means you’ll instantly facilitate the flow of light from the adjacent room or from outside, helping to create a light and airy atmosphere within the home.

Feeling inspired by pivot doors? Download our brochure or request a quote to start your Deuren journey.

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