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Tailoring luxury doors to match your personal style

Your home should be a reflection of you - your personality, lifestyle, and personal taste. That’s why bespoke designs and finishing touches go a long way when selecting your doors - adding so much more to a space than simply aesthetics. 

Here, we explore the art of customisation, discussing the benefits, design options, and the step-by-step considerations involved in creating unique luxury doors.

Understanding the power of customisation

Whether you’re navigating an unconventional space or seeking for a one-of-a-kind look to complement your interior, a bespoke design allows you to create extraordinary custom doors that bring all you can envision to fruition.

A door covers a large expanse, so its impact on your home’s overall impression is not to be underestimated. Consider your doors as pieces of art similar to a mural or bas-relief - large focal points with huge potential to create visual impact. Deuren doors are expertly crafted functional features that are as personal and characteristic as you are, which is why we supply a wide variety of options to create truly bespoke doors, beautifully reflecting your individuality onto your home.

What to consider when choosing a customised door

1. Tailoring door styles to your design vision

The look and finish of your chosen door should fit well within the overall feel of the room, providing a consistent aesthetic that draws attention for all the right reasons. For example, you might not want to choose traditionally panelled Victorian or Georgian doors for a house that’s overtly contemporary in every way – or vice versa. 

The style of your internal door should take care to beautifully complement existing (or future plans for) interior design and furnishings. This was perfectly achieved in this project, where our client approached us with the aim of using our bespoke internal door design service to echo the characteristics of their rustic-yet-industrial building throughout the property’s stylish interior - a combination of metals, woods, and leather. 

2. Selecting materials and finishes

The finish you choose for your door will have a huge impact on its overall effect, whether you decide to flaunt the stunning natural wood grain, opt for a painted finish to complement the surrounding room, or choose a special finish such as brushed brass or oxidised copper. 

Consider how you want the room or space in question to feel - are you seeking a tranquil space or something cosy? As a natural material, the wood grain from timber or veneer is a timeless choice that offers a strong yet uncomplicated aesthetic. Whether finishing off a modern room with minimalist Black Ash, or bringing warmth with the reddish tones of Etimoe, the colour psychology of doors can have a significant effect - and we have a shade for every mood and style. 

3. Custom dimensions and configurations

Our extensive choice of front, internal, and garage door configurations lets you find a door to perfectly suit the needs of the room or home – and you don’t have to be limited to an existing structure. For example, for this commissioned home, we helped the client maximise light flow throughout their home with extra height doors.

Consider the main function the door will undertake – is it a space-saving solution, needed to ensure privacy, or serving to control atmosphere, for example? If you have a large space to work with, you might opt for the iconic-looking floor-to-ceiling double-hinged leaf doors for dramatic effect. Alternatively, you might like to create a temporary division with stunning sliding or pocket doors that can be open or closed whenever the mood suits. Or, for unusual-shaped spaces that are tight on room, angled-head doors may be an option – and provide a unique feature too.

4. Picking hardware and accessories

An all-too-often overlooked feature, there’s a lot to be said for handles and hardware as a contributor to your door’s finish. Choose wisely and they’ll beautifully complement your internal doors, in-keeping with the design of the rest of the room or surrounding space. From period character to contemporary chic, we offer a door handle for every style.

Pay attention to the size, type, and design of each handle you’re considering and ensure your chosen option fits with the overall style and feel of your property. Do you prefer a bold, statement look, or a harmonious aesthetic? For example, if you have period-style doors in Victorian or Georgian designs, you can perfectly complement this with a traditional-looking handle, or juxtapose it with a modern-looking lever handle on a striking back plate. 

Alternatively, your interior style might be more suited to the endless design possibilities that come with door knobs. While handles are considered the more common choice (owing to their greater level of grip), door knobs can be a very decorative, statement feature. Download a brochure to explore the endless possibilities of handles and knobs we offer.

5. Incorporating smart technology

While this point might not directly relate to your personal style, it does relate to your lifestyle and peace of mind. Our high-security doors can incorporate innovative technology that’s compatible with home automation systems and a variety of electronic controls. But technology expands beyond electronics. For example, if you live somewhere that experiences seasonal shifts in weather, having a door made from engineered timber will prevent the door warping, expanding, or shrinking over time.

Start your unique door journey

It’s important to find what feels right for you and your home. Explore our bespoke design service or book a showroom visit to experience the breathtaking quality of our doors in person.

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