20 Feb 2020 - Internal Doors

What to consider when buying oversized doors

Grand entrances have become an exquisite focal point of the modern build. For a while now emphasis has been on large, open-plan spaces stamped with minimalist design and grandiose features that extend a welcoming atmosphere. With the trend for double-height ceilings becoming increasingly popular so too is the call for oversized doors to beautifully complement these impressive spaces. But there’s more to it than simply specifying a requirement for a larger door. Here, we discuss what should be considered in the planning of oversized doors and at what stage.

The earlier the better

If you’re in the early stages of building your own home, internal doors may be far from your mind at this point. But in fact, they should be a key consideration as early in the design process as possible. This is particularly true where oversized doors are concerned, as during the structural build you’ll need to bear in mind that larger wall cavities are required and will need to be factored into any architectural planning. Although you might not be picking out door styles for some time yet, it’s at this stage when the foundations for your oversized door will be put down. Miss this window of opportunity and it’s likely to be an extremely costly and time-consuming task to ensure you have the correct size openings further along the architectural process.

Sizing appropriate for the space

Think realistically about the type of door and size that’s suited to the space you’re working with. Deuren’s  mean you’re not limited in your creativity – and we supply large doors up to three metres in height depending on configuration. Pocket doors, for example, make a fantastic design feature (and slide discreetly into the wall cavity when open) and we can manufacture them up to eight metres wide for maximum impact.

Don’t view a door as simply a practical element

The trend for open-plan living and expansive spaces can mean there are fewer doors throughout a home. For that reason, every effort should go into ensuring your doors are a feature. Every single aspect of your made-to-measure internal door is unique to you and your specifications so there is every opportunity to create a masterpiece – from its size and configuration right down to the finer details like handles. Take a look at how Deuren helped one client create a stunning oversized door on a pivot hinge by heading over to our case study.

Want to find out more about Deuren’s striking oversized doors? Get in touch and we’ll help you achieve your vision.

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