24 Nov 2023 - Company News

It’s a win-win: What a wood-burning heater means for Deuren.

As with any business, offering great products and services is not enough. It's the careful consideration of every aspect, from premises and staff to equipment and heating source, that sets them apart.

In recent years, we have come to realise the significant impact of our daily actions on the environment. However, we are all working together to undo the damage we have caused. As a manufacturer of timber doors, we take pride in working with suppliers who source their timber responsibly and more recently we have taken steps to run our factory in a more environmentally conscious manner. Our installation of an industrial-sized wood burner is just one example of our commitment to this cause.

Wood Burner

With a wood-burning heater, also known as a wood-burning stove, we have been able to experience the perfect heating solution for our woodworking factory. These efficient heaters can produce heat rapidly and come equipped with powerful fans that blow warm air into the workspace. The warm air can also be ducted and transferred to adjacent rooms as needed, making it an economical and effective way to keep our entire facility warm and comfortable.

Carbon Neutral

Trees are more than just a source of timber. They are the guardians of our planet, absorbing CO2 and helping to keep our environment healthy, releasing it back into the atmosphere when it decays or is burned. By choosing to burn off-cut wood, instead of heating with electricity or oil, we contribute to maintaining this delicate balance. No longer requiring disposal services for the off-cut wood, we have also reduced the carbon footprint associated with this.

Furthermore, our timber suppliers are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), meaning the forests from which the timber originates, are managed to strict environmental, social, and economic standards, and as part of this, new seedlings are sowed, giving birth to a new cycle of CO2 absorption


Our wood burner is proving to be a sustainable solution that not only keeps our team warm and cuts our carbon footprint, but also helps us save money. By using off-cut wood that is constantly replenishing as a bi-product from manufacturing our door products, we have eliminated the need to worry about heat energy costs and disposal services. Instead, we can reinvest these savings back into our business, allowing us to continually grow and thrive.

Find out how we have been investing in our business and discover the latest machine to join our Yorkshire-based factory.

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