05 May 2023 - Company News

Enhancing precision engineering with a new machine

Deuren is passionate about continuously upskilling our workforce, improving efficiencies, and investing in advanced machinery to ensure we not only meet but surpass customer expectations.

Here, we highlight the customer benefits of the latest addition to our Yorkshire-based factory - the Biesse Rover A1532 CNC. A few ways in which it elevates our service include:

Faster turnaround

Whether you’re adhering to tight self-build deadlines or simply can’t wait to lay eyes on your new Deuren door, time is of the essence. The Biesse Rover A1532 CNC means a faster turnaround for us, and less waiting for you. With efficient tool-change operations, a continuous rotation of its B and C axis, and technologically advanced components, our newest machinery addition guarantees maximum processing speed.

Unrivalled precision

As one of the UK’s most premium door manufacturers, we guarantee technically superior craftsmanship, with exquisite and artistic products especially designed for our customers. To guarantee maximum precision, the five-axis operating unit (equipped with a 13 kW HSD electrospindle, continuous 360° rotation on the vertical and horizontal axes, and boring head equipped with automatic lubrication and liquid cooling) allows the machining of pieces with complex shapes, guaranteeing quality, precision, and total reliability over time..

Increased adaptability

We view doors as an art form. More than simply being fixtures and fittings, the right doors are capable of effortlessly bringing a space to life. Our creative, bespoke approach enhances the best of architectural design and won’t be limited in achieving your vision. With up to 39 tools always available and the capability of working with a wide range of thicknesses, Biesse Rover A1532 CNC offers the flexibility to create limitless designs - from the Como’s deep, repeated slat formation to the Tegal’s geometrically stepped grooves.

Greater user control

Featuring a new mobile console with a Windows operating system, the Biesse Rover A1532 CNC enables real-time access to machine status and other information. The machine’s protective door in shatterproof transparent polycarbonate is designed to ensure maximum visibility for the operator, giving greater levels of monitoring and control. The CNC is also ‘Industry 4.0 ready’, meaning it has the power to communicate and interact with other digital technologies.

Ultimate cleanliness

Finally, to guarantee maximum cleanliness of the products, the machine’s motorised carpet features a trolley with a collection for the removal of shavings and scraps. An immaculate working environment, free of shavings and sawdust, is also guaranteed thanks to a highly efficient, rigid extractor hood, adjustable to eight positions (for four axes) and 12 positions (for five axes).

While our website makes it simple to view made-to-measure front, garage, and internal doors, there’s nothing quite like visiting our UK showroom to see our newest machine in action and explore our exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and service in person.

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