16 Feb 2023 - Garage Doors

Your bespoke garage door: design considerations

Coming home to an elegant, bespoke garage door cannot be underestimated. It’s not just a functional feature. When crafted by experts, with beautiful materials, in a true-to-you style, it transforms into an extraordinary entrance that dramatically elevates the aesthetic of your home. 

Here, we gently guide you through considerations to make when investing in a bespoke garage door, so you can turn your unique vision into reality.

What is a bespoke garage door?

You know what they say - home is where the bespoke garage is. Or rather, we say it. That’s because when we craft garage doors, we create far more than an off-the-shelf fitting. Deuren bespoke garage doors are made to measure: truly personalised to work in harmony with your home, unique style, and specific requirements. Maybe you’re working with an unconventional space, or want a never-seen-before showstopper - you can modify your shape, size, style, configurations, wood, colour, and finish. That’s the beauty of bespoke.

Three steps to a bespoke garage door

When investing in a bespoke garage door, it’s wise to choose well. Settle for a garage door with a lacklustre finish, standard materials, or basic configurations, and you can lower the value of your home - or end up with costly repairs. However, with Deuren, these considerations can already be crossed off. The bespoke nature of our garage doors, combined with our superior craftsmanship, stunning materials and attention to detail, is what makes them special. To keep it simple, follow these three steps to achieve your bespoke garage dream:

1. Select your style

From navigating and making the most of unconventional spaces, to realising unique design visions, made-to-measure garage doors are the most stunning solution. A significant benefit of a bespoke, made-to-measure garage door is you’re unrestricted in design, style, shape, and size, offering limitless scope for creativity. Our overhead sectional garage doors are available between 6m high and 4m wide, while our side sectional garage doors go as far as 14m wide and 4m high.

This extensive renovation was blessed with enough space to allow for side lateral windows surrounding the front door, welcoming in natural light. To emphasise this sense of space, we handcrafted a matching made-to-measure garage door to seamlessly fit the home and complement the property’s breathtaking woodland surroundings.

2. Choose configurations

Secondly, you want your bespoke garage to be as usable as it is beautiful, and that starts with deciding how the space in which your door is installed will be used. Will you require the entrance to open overhead, or glide to the side? Our garage door configurations comprise of both overhead sectional or side sectional configurations made up of high-quality hardware, with industry-leading mechanisms. We design to meet European security standards and test all of our bespoke garage doors to an extremely high standard.

3. Finish strong

Satisfyingly practical, indeed - but our wooden garage doors are also works of art. Whether dark and dramatic or refined and understated, a cherry-picked finish on a strong oak grain can create a natural and welcoming entrance that feels like you. Special finishes such as our patina bronze or warm agate grey can also add authentic metal tones. We can match any colour of most paint brands, so if there’s a hue that’s heavenly to you or you have a creative vision in mind - we can craft it. For example, our contemporary Tegal garage door pays homage to the glamour of Art Deco. To make it your own, we can bring in other elements of the era - painting it deep green, striking magenta, or softer creams and beiges from that period. For a seamless continuity of style, matching garage doors, front doors, and internal doors can boost kerb appeal and even property value. 

It’s important to find what feels right for you and your home. Explore our bespoke garage doors or book a showroom visit to experience the breathtaking quality of our garage doors in person.

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