21 Jun 2023 - Internal Doors, Front Doors

How handmade doors set your project apart

From expert craftsmanship to one-of-a-kind finishes, handmade doors are the mark of a truly superior project. Unique by their nature, Deuren doors play a leading role in your home's interior and exterior, tailored to suit your personal tastes and home’s character to a tee. 

Whether you’re looking to fit handmade doors into hard-to-navigate spaces or want a show-stopping front entrance to increase property value, our master craftsmen consider every single detail to design and create a flawless fit, specifically for your home.

Here, we outline what goes into crafting our handmade doors, with inspiring Deuren case studies to propel you in your own project.

What Deuren’s handcrafted doors can offer:

One-of-a-kind style, completely tailored to your tastes

Homes bursting with character deserve a door to complement it. From our handmade internal doors to our bespoke front entrances, you determine the right aesthetic for your space. Choose from an almost limitless range of finishes and sizes, and even match front, internal, and garage doors for a consistent look and feel throughout your property. 

State-of-the-art security and functionality

Handcrafted front doors from Deuren are designed with high security in mind. Designed to withstand forced entry using heavy hands or electrical tools, our robust handmade doors (including the panel, frame, and locks) also adhere to RC2 and RC3 security classes (which measure the resistance time of the door when tools are used to attempt a break-in). 

We believe form and function are equally important, and our handmade doors achieve the optimum balance of each. This high-performing front door is a perfect example. Here, natural oak was used to create a truly bespoke entrance in our Vario 6 style. Triple-glazed and meeting RC3 security standards, with hidden hinges and a magnetic door latch, the result was durable, usable, and beautiful.

A seamless fit in any space

Just like this client, who required doors to match an unusual and awe-inspiring staircase, there are spaces that simply require superior design and craftsmanship to make the most of them. Our artisans pay close attention to details in unconventional areas, creating handcrafted wooden doors that make the most unique design visions reality. When you opt for handmade doors, you’re unrestricted in design, style, shape, and size - a must in any creative property project. 

Precise fits enhance a door’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, which can be seen in this made-to-measure solution for an oversized entranceway. This homeowner required a handmade door that fulfilled their dreams of it being both oversized and contemporary. After speaking with other manufacturers, they’d been under the impression that they may have to compromise on the grand entrance. We gave them peace of mind - and a bespoke, impactful, light-maximising entranceway, completely tailored to the front of their house.

Added value to properties

A wise person said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you’re maximising property values, that first step into a front entrance can set truly the tone. Handcrafted front doors are even more powerful when matched to bespoke garage doors and handmade internal doors, creating flawless aesthetic continuity that sparks conversations among visitors or guests and turns heads - all boosting the value and curb appeal of your home.

Take the visual harmony of this bespoke internal and front door project, on which we worked closely with the homeowners to create a timeless finish and enhance their stunning Yorkshire property’s curb appeal. By recommending handmade doors from our Piano collection, the owners complemented the whole personality of the house, while increasing the perception of space for value-driving success.

See our handmade doors in person

Handmade doors result in a timeless finish and will always achieve a higher level of quality and craftsmanship than ready-made, off-the shelf alternatives. Our handcrafted wooden doors are all designed and made in the UK, helping to lower your carbon footprint while ensuring maximum value practically, aesthetically, and financially.

Let us take care of the process, so you can focus on your project. Send us your ideas and designs, or visit our showroom to get expert advice on the most distinct and luxurious handmade doors for your property.

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