08 Mar 2023 - Architects

How to incorporate 2023's biggest interior trends

As the cultural zeitgeist begins to move out of a cold, dark winter, so do our interiors - reflected in a fresh wave of light, colour, and energy. Feel-good ‘dopamine decor’ is on the rise, and with it comes playful designs, creative features, and wonderfully unique spaces. 

From gently arched bespoke internal doors to borders making a bold bounce back, we outline ways to bring these fascinating trends into your own project or home.

All about the arches

Homes are starting to soften and round out, with everything from moon-shaped extensions to arched doors becoming big news in architecture trends. If you’re decorating, bringing in gentle curves can be as straightforward as painting motifs around key features. If you’re renovating, our made-to-measure internal doors can be designed to fit your home precisely. However curved, tall, wide, narrow, or short you desire, we can ensure your soft stylings aren’t imitated anywhere else.

A fresh hello to Art Deco

Both modern and geometric, Art Deco is the perfect trend to evoke glamour while working with your home’s existing style. It can be as minimalist or maximalist as you please, which is all part of the timeless trend’s allure. Blending vibrant tones with sleek lines lends itself well to our modern design tastes, and incorporating it into interiors can be as simple as bringing brass and glass accents together, or going all out with an Art Deco-inspired door.

Borders are back

Another nod to yesteryear, wallpaper borders have made a comeback from their 18th-century heyday and into 2023 designs. Once a way to mask imperfections, borders are now used to inject colour, pattern, and character into spaces to make features sing. And they’re no longer confined to horizontal wall features. Now, they bend around door frames, add unexpected accents, or break up spaces. Keep the understated 18th-century confidence going by harmonising with a timeless Victorian bespoke internal door.

Quirky contrasting

After a dreary winter, out burst Viva Magenta as Pantone’s colour of the year 2023. With it, a boost in fearless experimentation and creative expression. As we move into spring, thoughts turn to curious contrasting. Pantone’s ‘Fiery Red’ teamed with ‘Empire Yellow’ highlights a new desire for individuality in design. For contrasting colours on each side of your bespoke internal doors, our colour-matching service allows you to bring any hue from paint brands such as Farrow & Ball into your home.

Let there be light

Lighting and colour are two of the most important design elements in a property. As well as an increase in layered lighting - that is, washing a space in a mix of cosy wall lamps, functional floor lamps, and hanging pendants - natural light flooding is extremely important. From glazed bespoke internal bi-folding doors to inventive reflective surfaces, these illuminating tips can help bring more natural light into your home.

Wavy stripes

With ocean associations, waves help bring a sense of calm to a space. As more 2023 interior trends lean heavily towards spa-style sanctuaries, it’s no surprise that patterns with wavy stripes are making a splash in the design world. Our made-to-measure internal doors are crafted exactly how you want them - and that includes irregular patterns, materials, shapes, or colours that harness mindfulness for you.

Bring the outside in

Incorporating natural elements into interior design will continue this year, with sustainability growing in our choices and in our homes. Bringing the outside in with natural wood tables, baskets, doors, or even sturdy log stumps used as end tables helps create a soothing, peaceful space. Each bespoke internal door we handcraft - including its leaf, frame, and architraves - is all made up of timber from the same tree, ensuring a superior, unique, and natural finish. Manufacturing, finishing, and prepping is all done in our Yorkshire factory, which also means our (and effectively, your) carbon footprint is smaller with every Deuren door order.

Our bespoke internal doors can be crafted in a style that’s right on-trend and true-to-you. To talk through styles, woods, colours, and configurations, get in touch.

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